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Data is one of the biggest assets for businesses or individuals. We have a team of professional experts offering data recovery in Kolkata as well as in other services like external hard disk data recovery, data recovery for SSD, backup and erasure solutions. We restore, backup, and erasure data and make sure that it is kept safe and discreet and free from any potential threat.

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Why Rely on Us When You Need Data Recovery, Backup and Erasure?

We are your one-stop partner for data recovery in Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Jharkhand and many other places. Be it a simple or extremely complex problem related to data loss, we have the expertise to retrieve from all sorts of internal and external storage media devices. Let’s find out why you should rely on us regarding SSD data recovery or hard disk data recovery in Kolkata or any other similar places.


Future Ready Technology

We seek great pride in organizing our resources from time to time as well as efforts to develop future-ready and innovative solutions. The best thing is that all the solutions are unrivalled in capability and developed to enable a comprehensive range of data recovery services. We have our own engineering infrastructure and native technologies that help us go beyond the domain of external hard disk data recovery and restoration and bring the best data care solution in the world. Let’s know your requirements, and we will help you get your data back.


One-of-a-kind Solution

With a quality range of exclusive data recovery strategies, adept data recovery professionals, an in-house R&D team and cutting-edge infrastructure, System Tools have successfully established itself as a market leader in offering genuine and risk-free data recovery in Jharkhand, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and still looking forward to exploring. We have gained expertise in RAID Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, SSD Recovery, etc. Be it software crash,hardware malfunction, accidental deletion or any other cause of data loss; we deal with it diligently.


Unbelievable Pricing

At System Tools, we ask or confirm the charges for data recovery services only after a complete analysis of the storage media devices. After receiving the storage device, we ensure the actual reason behind the loss of data, and then we create a custom solution to add the storage device. After all this, we confirm the data recovery charge for any given form of media storage device. We help you with data recovery quickly, proficiently and without compromising on the privacy of data. Get in touch with us to get a FREE consultation in our centers. We have got flexible pricing models.


Redeem Your Data Recovery Services With Us – We Offer Peace of Mind When the Unthinkable Happens!

When there’s no way to access the data in the usual way, it’s time to bring in the recovery expert. System Tools is always prepared!

  • We have a pool of professional experts with years of experience in data recovery in across the country. Thus, we deliver quick and cost-effective solutions with professional expertise.
  • We have a safe and secured data lab where all your data are stored in high-end storage carriers until they are delivered back to its original users. We follow industry standards to deal with all types of data.
  • We are best known for our round the clock customer support assistance. We understand the fact that loss of data can be devastating for many. Thus, we are always there to answer all your queries related to SSD or hard disk data recovery in Kolkata and other places in the country.


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If you are looking for data recovery in Kolkata or any other preferred place, you can either come directly to our data recovery center or drop the device, or you can also avail our media pick-up and drop services. You need to call us to know to inform the preferred mode of service so that we can serve you better and faster.

We follow the highest industry standards to maintain the privacy of all our clients' data. We have ISO 9001:2015 certification and ensure that everything goes smoothly and in a hassle-free manner. We have advanced techniques for data recovery, which is robust. We never mishandle the data and have restricted access to the data lab in order to avoid unauthorized entry.

You will get the data either stored in a pen drive, external hard drive or any other external storage device. You can either provide us with your own storage device, or you can have one from us, also. We will copy the data and deliver it to you.

As stated before, we value data and never mishandle it; we keep the restored data for the first 7 business days of delivery. This is done so that you don’t need to go through the whole process once again in case of any technical glitch or error. Post that, we will delete or remove every byte of the data with us, and you will have the confirmation through the mail ID shared with us.

As stated before, we keep a backup of the recovered data for the next seven business, and it is stored safely. If the data driver or the carrier gets any technical problem while in transit, we will copy the data again and deliver it to you without any extra charges.

Absolutely NOT! In case your data is found sun-recoverable by our data recovery external hard disk or SSD data recovery team, then you will not be charged anything. We will simply return or ship the drive back to you. All you need is to pay for the shipping or handling and attempt free charges.

Why Choose Us

System Tools is always there for you in the journey of safe data recovery, backup and erasure! Let’s explore some of the best reasons to choose and work with System Tools.


Success Rate

We are proud to have a real, unsurpassed 98% of overall success rate for data recovery services in Jamshedpur , West Bengal , Bhubneswar and other states. The success rate that we have is one of the highest in the industry.


We Do Everything In-house

Our highly secured labs perform all the recovery procedures we deliver. We never outsource our recovery procedures, and any media never leaves our company.



We are committed to recovering your files in all circumstances, whether your device has physical or logical damage. If for some reason, we cannot recover your data, you don’t have to pay. That is our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” assurance.

Step by Step Data Recovery Process of System Tools

We have adept experts retrieving data from corrupted as well as non-responding storage devices. We always give utmost importance to data, and at System Tools, we do everything in our power to recover the same. Here’s how our process of hard disk data recovery in Kolkata works and helps clients to get back their respective data.

Media Pickup

We pick up the storage device as per the convenience of the client. Clients can either come directly to our center, or they can also send us the devices through courier services.

Analysis of the Media

He we have our data recovery experts to assess the extent of damage on the storage device that we have received from the client. We inform the client in case we cannot recover the data.

Data Recovery

This is the most important step where we complete the process of data recovery in the safe and full-proof lab with complete restrictions on the unauthorized entry.

Verification of the Data

Once we complete the data recovery process, we begin with the verification part. In this stage, we ask the client to verify the data online or offline, as per their convenience.


In case of no data recovery, no payment will be made from the client’s end. You will be paid the charges discussed above only after your satisfaction with the service.

Delivery of Data

In this final step, we make all the arrangements to deliver your data to your doorstep at an additional charge for transportation and handling.

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